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Hi guys, Jodie here! 21, Scottish, Student!

This blog contains art, photography, magicians, Star Trek, video games, random shit and lots of moaning in Doric. Some NSFW

Thank you for visiting x




Name: Jodie (Jay)

Age: 21

Gender/Identity: Female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Panromantic, Demisexual (pref. girls)

Nationality: Scottish.

LanguagesScots (Doric), English, some French and re-educating myself on Scots Gaelic

Religion: Atheist

Education level:

College: Higher National Certificate in Photography (A Grade) and a Higher National Diploma in Photography (B Grade)

Upcoming: HND in Social Science; and then use this to jump into 2nd or 3rd year at University, to do Sociology, Psychology or Social Work, IDK


Face: Unfortunate

Height: 5’6”-ish

Weight: 7 stones and 1/2 last time I checked

Hair colour: Naturally light brown but dyed purple/red.

Eye colour: Hazel/Green

Tattoos: Here

Tags: jayjamjar, adventures in france, magic posts, my face, my tattoos



Self taught harpist



Morbid, but sometimes silly, sense of humor

Loves magic tricks, illusions and how they work

Interested in Psychology, Forensics, Art and Photography

Thinks rabbits are ideal pets

Video games are basically my life



Some social anxiety

Needle/injection phobia

Hates wrists and veins


Social Sciences, bicycling, badminton, music, reading, video games, Scottish independence, physics, equality, hot chocolate - no tea or coffee, pepsi and sweeties, French movies, Marx Brothers films

✎ Please take into consideration that due to my autism, I do struggle a little bit with sarcasm and hidden/double meanings, and do come off as blunt sometimes. I also don’t always understanding social cues.

If there is a misunderstanding or I’m just not getting something, please be patient, take the time to explain so I understand. 

Thank you x

(For scarf tutorials, click here)